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Game development training

We teach game development. If you want to help your developers learn how to build VR\AR\mobile\web games and experiences, our experts will be happy to share their knowledge.

Game Design and Development

We can offer you help from experienced game designers and developers. If you need a subsystem designed and built into your game, level design specialists to build immersive and engaging environments, or maybe a complete product - we have the people you need.

Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality

We know our way around the technologies of tomorrow. We can help you craft a unique, cutting edge solution to your problems, no matter whether you just want to wow your customers or build advanced tools for your engineers and analysts. We offer you the power of the new media at your fingertips.

Serious Games

We can help you train your staff in a cheaper and more convenient way by providing the perfect learning tools, not only building the knowledge of your employees, but also letting them practice and try out new skills with immediate feedback.

About us

Our vision

We believe that games are a unique and powerful medium. We want to connect with the users of our products on a deeper level by using the power of interactivity.

Our mission

Our mission is to be the best developers of mixed reality experiences and video games in Poland. We want to build fun and engaging content that puts the user in the center of attention.



Gear VR

HTC Vive

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Our tech demos

Pumpkin Hunt

Halloween-themed Augmented Reality (AR) experience.

Get it on Google Play

Summer Hunt

Point your camera at the middle of an Augmented Reality Card (marker) and tap all the sharks to save a lost person!

Get it on Google Play

Spirit Journey

Embark on a Virtual Reality Spiritual Journey inside yourself.


"It’s easy, it’s beautiful and it’s Zen."
— review of Spirit Journey

"Verry addictive, bautifully looking with coolest falling down ever seen. Just try it!"
— Mateusz Pusty, Spirit Journey review on Oculus Store

"You should give it a go, the VR aspect is really good, you never feel motion sicknesss, even when falling."
— Escape, video review of Spirit Journey


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